Tongue cleaner?

Tongue cleaner?

I was sceptical at first however looking at the literature I advise all my patients and family to clean their tongue.
These are the three main benefits:

😮‍💨Gets rid of bad breath
😋Improves taste of your foods
❤️‍🩹Great for your overall wellbeing

Your tongue has hundreds of small hairs or microvili on its surface plus taste buds. Food, bacteria and dead cells get caught in all those nooks and crannies. The bacteria love it and have a party. 🎉 Using a tongue scraper removes those bacteria, disrupts and reconditions and oxygenates our oral microbiome (which is the collection of bacteria, fungi and virus that we all have that live inside us). It allows nutrients from saliva to get back in. It promotes production of nitric oxide which helps regulate your blood pressure.

It is almost as important as flossing your teeth. I do it in the morning to make sure I have beautiful breath for my patients.
You will notice a difference in your breath in around 3 days and in your taste by two weeks.

How to do it?
👉 I find it easier when my mouth is wet, do it near a sink and running water. First few times, especially if you think you will gag do it Infront of a mirror.
Stick your tongue out as far as it goes, start in the middle pull forward, then repeat either side. You will notice a brownish liquid come off, keep going until it is clear. Then rinse of the scrapper and leave it upright in a cup to air dry. It may bleed the first time you use it, if sore take a day off. Can always start just by just doing the tip.

What type of scraper?
They can be plastic, stainless steel or copper. Tongue scrapers are 30% more efficient than using your toothbrush and last infinitely longer. You can even start with a kitchen spoon🥄

I would love to know how you get on, please comment 👇.