How to reverse a cavity

How to reverse a cavity

YES. You can reverse tooth decay.

Diet + lifestyle plays a huge role- if you regularly eat fast food, highly acidic diet, suffer from dysbiosis, stress, and not enough Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 you are welcoming tooth decay.

All the brushing and flossing won’t save you.

I use the mouth to diagnose the whole body. Tooth decay is a warning sign for a nutritional deficiency

❌ Regular sugar or refined carbohydrates
❌ Using chemicals to disinfect the mouth like antibiotics or mouth rinses
❌ Ineffective oral hygiene
❌ Lack of essential nutrients e.g. Vitamin D3/K2, Magnesium and Calcium
❌ Mouth breathing

As a Dentist my main focus is on prevention & maintenance.

Five recommendations to reverse tooth decay

a) Nutrient dense animal based diet rich in grass fed meat, eggs, coconut oil, butter and loads of vegetables.
b) Have your dentist or hygienist show how best to disrupt the biofilm in your mouth with brushing and interdental cleaning.
c) Use a remineralizing Fluoride or Hydroxapatite toothpaste.
d) Get your Vitamin and Mineral levels checked before supplementation. My first choice is to use a synergistic vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 for optimal efficacy. It supports bone health and natural immunity.MK-7 form of vitamin K2 is more effective.
I like these drops from Nutriadvanced. They have less additivities than tablets and can be more flexible in the dosing
e) Heal your oral microbiome- bacteria in your mouth are connected to your gut. Check need for Probiotics.

We can see after 3 months to see if your efforts have paid off!